Chemspots – hidden in plain sight

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have long been concerned about the many ways that the powers-that-be are seeking to poison us, or are performing some kinds of chemical experimentation on or around us without our consent. Much of this activity is performed quite openly: fluoride in our water, chemtrails in the air, GMO in our food.

But one government activity seems to have gone without notice – introduced in the early years of the 21st century, possibly as a backup vector, triggered by the growing public awareness of other projects, this new threat I term “chemspot”, and appears as dark spots, about an inch in diameter, found ubiquitously in all population centers through the United States, and possibly other parts the world (although the Asiatic countries seem to have escaped so far).

I first noticed these spots on the sidewalk outside my apartment in July of this year.  I was concerned because they looked like some kind of thick coagulated oil.  I had never seen anything like it before.  I took a photo, and asked a local garbage-man if he knew where they came from.  He said he’d never seen anything like it, and he’d been working the street for several years.

I contacted the city council by phone, and reported the problem.  They said they would send someone out to take a look.  I never heard back from them.  I stopped  a police officer (something I am normally loath to do), and asked them if there had been any kind of spill in the area.  His expression firmed, and he said no.  I pointed at the spots, and asked what they were, and that’s the first time I heard the ridiculous cover story – that they were just “gum”.

They are NOT gum.  The spots are black, round, flattened, hard and dry.  Gum is white or brightly colored, irregularly colored, flexible, and sticky.   Gum does NOT go black with age.  Just look at this gum wall in Seattle:

This gum wall has been collecting gum since 1990.  NONE of the gum is black.  All of the gum has retained its original color. Clearly gum does not turn black naturally.  This wall is also in an alley just off a busy street, so would be subject to the same exhaust emissions a gum found on sidewalks.


I used the online “Flicker” web photo service to search for these spots, using the terms “sidewalk gum”.  I got over 700 results, most of which consisted of these black spots.  But when the search was restricted to pre-2004, there were ZERO hits.  This is statistically impossible if there were as many black spots then as now.

Clearly these are some kind of “chemspot”, the most likely reason for their existence is that they are some kind environmental buffered drug delivery mechanism.  They are black, so absorb solar radiation during the day,  which will energize the substrate, causing active molecules to be gradually released into the air.  Peak activation will coincide with human activity (daylight hours), so is an ideal delivery system.

The above post is a parody of the chemtrail theory.

  1. Wajid Bali says:

    It’s gum, and a well known phenomenon. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to spit gum on the sidewalk for this reason? Trololol

    • Campanart says:

      Fascinating that the PTB feel the need to send in their debunking minions at last. And a “busted” story in the NYT, don’t make me laugh, the MSM is in the pocket of big pharma and are obviously just trying to cover up the chemspot phenomena by calling it a myth.

      Look down people. Does that look normal to you?

      Old photos do not lie. Chemspots do not exist in old photos. Old gum is not black. Look at the gum under the bar, it’s not black.

      So if it’s not gum. Then what is it?

      • Biffingston says:

        It’s gum.

        saying it’s not gum does not make it not gum.

        Feel free to pull up an analytic sample and have it tested, they won’t stop you.

  2. Belfrey says:

    Gum on the sidewalk gets walked on, and accumulates dirt. Thus the dark color.

    If you didn’t notice that persistent contrails existed decades ago, I suppose it’s not surprising that you didn’t notice the black gum spots, either.

    • campanart says:

      If gum were walked on, it would stick to the bottom of the shoe, and be carried away. If it somehow did not, then there would be “tread” marks in it. What we see are flat black spots, probably just a few nanomillimeters thick.

      And nice ad hom btw, how do you know what I noticed and what I did not? “persistent contrails” are tesla scalar generated morning glorys, which have been seen since 1823!

      • a2aaron says:

        Dirt + Gum = Not sticky, rock hard gum.
        “nanomilimeters” = one billionth * one thousanth = one tenth of a trilliont = 0.000000001 mm = 1 picometre = 1/31 the radius of helium (Helium is about 31 picometers). You can not have a chemical smaller than an atom.

        It is gum. It is not a poison.

      • notmyname probablymyname says:

        Fun fact: an insult is only an Ad Hominem if it is used in lieu of an argument, such as to say that “You are stupid, therefore your argument is invalid”. Here, Belfrey addresses your argument and then insults you; the insult is not in lieu of a proper argument and is therefore not an Ad Hominem argument!

      • campanart says:

        notmyname, the insult is an intensifier to the argument. By criticizing my observational skills it reinforces the likelihood that my reasoning skills are impaired. It’s subtle, so I don’t blame you for not getting it.

      • Not all the time no, after a while it loses it stick and becomes hard, then it slowly gets molded down to being flat by all the pressure on it and picks up dirt from the bottom of peoples shoes. If you really believe this shit then you are retarded.

      • campanart says:

        Jack Boden: If it “loses it stick” as you say, then how will it pick up dirt? And how does it avoid being stepped on during that time? And if it loses it stick (sic) then why don’t all those pieces fall off the wall? This is not at all logical. It’s almost like you are making it up just to illustrate a point?

        Nice ad hom, BTW.

  3. tek says:

    thankyou so much!
    Your logic is flawless. Some pointers. if you want anyone to take you seriously like the many successful chemtrail websites, you MUST get ads for perpetual energy for sale/secret books the govt doesn’t want you to know about. Also may want to see if the spots are effected by orgone and see if they show up on HAARP sweeps. You need to cite more sources from Youtube as well.

    these are the marks of a truly reputable information source!

  4. Durkle says:

    Interesting. I live in the countryside so I don’t see stuff like this. Maybe you should take a sample to a chemistry professor at a local uni and have him/her analyze it… ‘Course after you make sure the college doesn’t have any sketchy sponsors and partners.

    • campanart says:

      Durkle, thank you for the suggestions. But any professor is funded by the government, so that’s not going to prove anyone.

  5. niamh says:

    Wow. Just wow. That’s some serious paranoid delusions you got there, son

    • campanart says:

      No helpful niamh. If I was deluded, then point it out is just going to reinforce that delusion. Perhaps instead you could suggest how my delusions might be “cured”? What experiment might I perform on the spot?

  6. Mick says:

    And just to be clear this is an experiment, in fact the whole thing is all designed to get inside you mind nano tehcnology grey goo the illuminatie and a long wall of disinoformation and text and things tha are and spelled and wihtout gramma ray s to see who is paying attention new world order this actuall is an experiment by mick west of metabunk those government shills so called do your own research just wanted to see if a theory not a proof would take off and if anyone wold fall for it so far only you so called debunkers have done, not entirely unsurprising what with reptiles crystals ufos, sorry about that.

  7. Campanart says:

    Who exactly are “they” biff? And why would they want to stop me.

    Why are there suddenly so many comments here? This is not normal.

  8. Truther666 says:

    It’s gum. Scrape some up and have it tested. No one but you will stop you from doing so.

  9. Mr. Underhill says:

    You used Flickr, a website launched in 2004, to search for photos uploaded before 2004? And there were NONE?! ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACY!!

  10. Campanart says:

    If you search for photos of cars prior to 2004 you get thousands of results:–20040101&ss=0&ct=0&mt=all&w=all&adv=1

    So, yes.

  11. Segfault says:

    I’m going to provide a bit of empirical evidence. I’m well over 20 years old, and I remember quite clearly, as a child, playing with these so called ‘chemspots’. I was a dirty boy, and liked playing with all manner of sticky and grungy and crusty things, as is the wont of boys. I scratched at these things with bits of metal, flaking off bits to grind into the pavement elsewhere. Sometimes I’d find lighter portions underneath the dark, dirty bits. It’s gum.

    Allow me to refute some of your other claims.

    “If the gum loses its stick when it ages, why does the gum stick on the wall?” The same way glue will stick to things when it sets. Dried gum can be brittle, but if it gets into crevices and cracks, which walls can often be full of, it can be difficult to remove.

    “None of the gum is black, it’s retained its original color.” Again, the gum is up on a wall, where dust, dirt, and grit is less likely to collect. Gum doesn’t even need to be stepped on in order for it to become dirty. Just by virtue of being on the ground it can accumulate grime through the action of wind or breezes blowing dust and dirt around, which you’re more likely to find on the ground than along a wall.

    They’re also found more commonly in population centers because larger concentrations of gum chewers will result in more gum being spat out or deposited on sidewalks.

    As per the asiatic countries ‘escaping’ unharmed, I’ve read that chewing gum has been banned in some places, such as Singapore, because of problems with vandalism as the gum gets pressed into crevices of doors, locks, etc.

  12. CovertSomeone says:

    I am very excited for you. You see, you can FEEL there is something wrong with the made-up “human world” and your position in it. You most definitely lack the power others wield. So your anxious mind is scanning the environment around you for PROOF OF PERFIDY. Abuse of the power you do not have but others do. It is a NATURAL REACTION to the way things are headed in America.

    However, the scientific approach can help you sort between the Boogie Man and and the actual dude masturbating in the bushes while watching you shower using a handycam on a stick.

    You don’t really need a gas spectrum analysis of the samples. There are some simple tests to reach conclusions about the similarity of materials:

    Do the colored gum and your black spots, when subjected to a lighter, both burn?
    If you get OTHERS to smell the inside of each, do they smell similar?
    Use battery acid, drain cleaner, bleach, amonia, alcohol, water, paint thinner, toluene, acetone to test for similar or different bahavior in solvents. (not all at once)
    Gather 20 of each and put them in a small box with a mouse. If you ventilate the box, feed and water the mouse, does it die right away?
    If you clean up a stretch of sidewalk, do they…. come back all at once? Do a photo study.
    Try days, weeks, even a couple of years. Animate it. Maybe some colored gum will darken with time.
    I bet once you get into it, you will think of other ways to test your hypothesis.

    Now apply what you have learned to other things, like vaccinations, foodstuffs, cosmetics, etc.

    The important thing is to find answers one way or another, because living a life of pointless anxiety is like being in a torture prison. Find the real threats and ACT. Spinning your mind wheels may be in “Their” favor. Rest assured there has allways been “Them”, 2nd estate vs. the 3rd estate.

    This may be of some comfort: EVERYONE IS FLAMMABLE. Even wizened old men smoking cigars in a back room planning your demise.

  13. Santa says:

    I don’t think it is gum because gum would be more heterogeneous than the dark spots. Some gum would be stepped on while still sticky and would be smeared a great deal, with evidence of sticking to someone’s shoe. You see that sometimes but very rarely, nothing to compare to the many round dark spots that are all the same size. Some gum would dry before being stepped on and would remain more as a lump. And how many people spit fresh gum out on the sidewalk anyway???
    I think it is some kind of bird poop.

  14. Santa says:

    Or maybe it is gum after all – pretty convincing spots in this video where gum is steamed off – you can see the original bright gum color under the dark top layer of dirt in at least one shot

  15. sfdandies says:

    How desperate are you for entertainment, really. Jezuscrhist. It’s gum. Yes, gum goes black after about the millionth filthy shoe slides over it. Get a life.

  16. Matthew Tucker says:

    I can’t believe you posted this, have been looking for info about these things.

    If you sweep over these lumps, they produce black fibers, just like Morgellons.

  17. Joe R says:

    I have seen these in San Fran. I think there is a pattern tho, they always Show up in groups of 3; almost like two eyes and a mouth.

  18. Jane Doe says:

    The spots are embedded in the pavement of the sidewalk, driveway, steps and porch clear up to the front door. not only surrounds my mother’s resident. She has leaved there since 1970. The spots started to appear about a year ago. This is very suspicious There is a strong belief this is an act of criminal activity.
    She has a constant cough. We are afraid to report to the environmental office or authorities. This is a small town in Southeast Texas.

  19. Who’s here from Reddit? (Also, read the posts last line)

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